Looking to the future

As we come to the end of another week of lockdown we wanted to pause and reflect.

We know some of us are working harder than we ever could have imagined – first managing the move to lockdown, now planning the complex challenges of a safe return and a viable future for our organisations. Others are feeling lost, disconnected and adrift – worrying about what that future might hold. We’ve all felt a rollercoaster of emotions and responses to our experiences in recent weeks. That’s given us all resilience, empathy and a new focus on what really matters – in our personal as well as professional lives.

Whatever those experiences, we can be left with no doubt of the importance of the people who make up our workforces. Their amazing ability to rise to challenges, their selfless commitment to others, their limitless reserves of creativity and ideas. These are qualities which have always been there, but may have been hidden by organisational processes and culture until now.

People at the heart

One thing’s for sure as we begin to move forward – these are the qualities which will help us ‘build back better’ in our workplaces and in our communities. Let’s not waste them.

Putting people at the heart of our business planning, listening to ’employee voice’, and treating people as individuals will be what mark out the truly sustainable organisations from the ‘just surviving’.

We’re talking about this in the Hive this week.  Why not have a listen here?

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