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Our role in the Core Team of Engage for Success allows us to influence the agenda for employee engagement. We write and speak extensively on the subject. Our MD, Jo Moffatt is a regular host on Engage for Success radio where she talks to wide ranging employee engagement specialists. If you have a good story to tell, she’d love to hear it. Please email jo@woodreed.com or call 01732 424340.


Woodreed publishes a wide range of thought pieces around the subject of culture, brand and engagement. Our aim, to offer our readers an informed point of view based on a combination of research and real world experience from us, our clients and other opinion formers.

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A blueprint for an internal communication campaign

As part of Woodreed’s mission to make workplaces better places to be, we’ve put together a fusion of case study and blueprint based around a brief to raise awareness of a new people strategy. We’ve done this to both inspire and guide you when creating you own internal communications campaigns.

We’ve been lucky enough to do this with creative input from successful Sci-Fi novelist Andrew Bannister (whose latest novel Stone Clock is out in September 2018).
Inside you’ll see the planning and development of an entire campaign, from brief to big idea to comms plan

Intrigued? Read on…

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What internal comms can learn from advertising

What we do really matters. We know the power of an engaged workforce, and the role quality, effective internal communication has to play in delivering it. Having worked on both sides of the fence,
us Woodies have a rare perspective into both worlds. The inside’s the harder job with time, resource and budget all in short supply.

Despite the barriers, there’s much internal comms can gain from looking at the techniques of the ad industry. They’ve got more in common than you’d think. Get the inside track on external comms and learn how you can put them to work inside.

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The Trust Issue

Trust is the fundamental bedrock that binds us together as humans; our relationships, our actions, our expectations of others. If trust is important in the good times, it becomes utterly essential in the bad. In the wake of COVID-19, it’s now literally a matter of life and death. Can I trust my employer to keep me safe? As we carve out new paths for our workplaces, one theme will come to dominate it all…Trust.

Read Woodreed’s take on Trust in the wake of COVID-19 here.

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The Culture Report

A positive culture isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a competitive advantage. Your people give you the edge.

We’ve looked at organisational culture from all angles talking to leading experts and practitioners along the way, uncovering the true story of culture in UK businesses.

Read the story of culture – what it means, the barriers to developing positive cultures, how you shape them and, of course, the role of brand – the hero of the culture story.

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Down with the kids, Woodreed’s Millennials report

The Millennial generation will make up half the global workforce in 2020. They’re the instant information, instant gratification generation with the world literally at their fingertips.

Does your top team understand the Millennial generation? What motivates them? What they expect from an employer? What are their deal breakers?

Understanding this unique audience is key to business success over the coming decade, giving you the edge on your competitors and helping you win the battle for talent.

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Supporting, training and coaching line managers to drive engagement

Hanging on to your people has never mattered more, with CIPD figures suggesting a talent shortage crisis on the horizon. Are your line mangers doing enough to keep them? With ‘Bad boss’ still right up there for reasons for leaving, we suspect not.

In this, our latest thought piece, we’ve taken leading workplace neuroscientist David Rock’s insights with their prehisrtoric roots and turned them into super practical tips for 21st Century line managers.

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Woodreed’s brand inside survey report

When it comes to the brand inside, has the UK ticked all the boxes? Read our in-depth report based on research and interviews with 50 UK professionals from wide ranging organisations.

Highlights include: The barrier of senior leaders’ knowledge of their own corporate values to embedding a true values-based culture. Where training and development falls down. The key role of the line manager. Recognition and reward – the great missed opportunity. What to do with social media.

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Bursting the boardroom bubble

The evidence of the impact on significant KPIs from engaged employees is growing. So why is the C suite still cocooned in a boardroom bubble when it comes to unlocking the power of an engaged workforce? We explore the disconnect in many leading organisations where brand is the preserve of marketing and employees the preserve of HR. We’ll also show you that a fraction of your external marketing budget spent inside goes a long, long way.

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Ding dong the stick is dead (…and as for the carrot)

Autonomy (the ability to direct the course of your life), Mastery (The desire to improve yourself and get better at stuff you enjoy) and purpose (The reason we do what we do) are drivers of motivation in the workplace. Explained and explored in this thought-piece, we look at recognition and reward in a new light, exploring the impact this new thinking on motivation in the workplace has had on traditional ways of rewarding and recognising.

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If you want to walk the walk, talk the talk

Understood and managed properly social media is a powerful tool for businesses inside and out. It can improve communication with and amongst employees inside as well as engaging your customers outside. Here we explore how social media can be used in problem solving, idea generating and creating community tribes. There’s even an App for employee engagement. But beware, loose twitter talk can make real tweets out of companies.

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Treating customers like princes, employees like paupers – Bridging the gap between external and internal communications

There’s often a gulf between the effort companies put in to communicating with their customers versus employees. In many companies brand is the exclusive preserve of the marketing department focusing on the consumer while HR looks after employees. Never the twain shall meet. Woodreed explores this topic and shares how smart internal communicators treat their people like their marketing teams treat their customers, with the tools, techniques insight and creativity usually reserved for the customer.

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May the film be with you

A short film can go a long way in communicating with your internal audience. Film can achieve great results as part of an internal communications strategy – operating on an emotive level other media simply can’t reach. There’s no need for a Hollywood sized budget – just the insider tricks of the trade for creating content that informs, engages and motivates in equal measure. We look at this important medium and channels available in today’s ever-expanding digital environment.

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Fed up with saying au revoir to the crème de la crème?

Seeing your best people leave the company costs considerably more than a trip to the ice cream van. The truth is, many people move jobs simply because they’re disengaged, feeling undervalued and unappreciated. Investing in engagement strategies can turn cynics into evangelists: employees who live the brand and share their enthusiasm with their customers, driving loyalty and profits. Engaged employees stay with companies longer – and you avoid the considerable cost of recruiting and training their replacements.

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Woodreed publishes a wide range of thought pieces around the subject of culture, brand and engagement. Our aim, to offer our readers an informed point of view based on a combination of research and real world experience from us, our clients and other opinion formers.

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