What’s buzzing in the HIVE?

Are you an HR or internal comms practitioner or perhaps a senior, mid-level or team leader struggling with operational, communication and engagement challenges of COVID-19?

HIVE is your chance to get practical answers to the workplace comms and engagement issues you’re facing right now.  Drawing from our expert panel and with input from specially invited guests we’ll be discussing and debating the practical answers you’re looking for.

Why not have a listen to the first episode here and then tell us what’s keeping you awake right now, what challenges you’d like the team’s help with and let’s get the ball rolling?

We’re on youtube too if you want to watch the debate in action.

Who’s in the hive?

H is for HR

I’m Lorna Leeson. I build people solutions for businesses going through change, from logistics to luxury brands to lightening-paced start-ups. I’ve held senior leadership HR roles in the UK and internationally. I coach high performers who are making change, leading change or who want change, drawing on my experience of having led large teams myself.

I now run my own business ‘Little Tent’ because I believe there’s a better way for business to work for people. This is my passion project, my livelihood and my contribution to making work better for everyone.

I is for Internal Comms

I’m Charlotte Dahl.  Director at specialist ad agency Woodreed where I help clients develop authentic sets of values, create high performing cultures and find their internal tone of voice to create highly engaging communications. Our vision? To make workplaces better places to be. I’m also an accomplished speaker, including chairing conferences for Engage Business Media. I also write and train, delivering courses for the Institute of Internal Communications as well as in-house for our clients.

I’ve a unique view of employee engagement and internal communications, having spent equal parts of my career in consumer, then employee communications. I bring the expertise, rigour and high expectations of external communication into my approach to internal communications.

V is for the Virtual Workplace

I’m Jo Dodds.

With a background in HR and Digital and Social Media, I now work with business leaders to improve employee engagement in their organisations. Alongside this I work with home-based coaches and consultants to improve their personal productivity and wellbeing through my membership site POWER to Live More CALM.

Alongside my consulting, speaking and training around employee engagement, I’m co-Strategy Director of Engage for Success and with Jo Moffatt, co-host the Engage for Success radio show.

E is for Employee Engagement

I’m Jo Moffatt

My ‘day job’ is MD and founder of Woodreed, a specialist ad agency who use the tools, techniques, creativity and insight of consumer marketing to engage employees inside organisations. I’m passionate about brands and their power to move people.  I’m equally passionate about employee engagement and its vital role in delivering a high performing organisation.

I’m co-Strategy Director of the Engage for Success movement and regularly host the weekly Engage for Success radio show with Jo Dodds. I’m a regular on the speaker circuit, speaking, chairing and sitting on panels at industry conferences and events.



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