Leadership and People Development

Woodreed’s leadership and people development programmes have been created and refined over the years. Whatever the topic, our clients note our knowledge and expertise, our ability to make the complex simple, and way we are able to connect and engage with people from all levels of an organisation. We also make our programmes fun, enjoyable and relatable. We turn the cynics into evangelists, time and time again!

Take Aspen Insurance, where we ran UK and US offsites to engage teams with their values and behaviours and link them to delivery of Aspens’ strategic objectives. We worked together on developing Aspen’s purpose and challenged their lateral insurance industry brains with a creative exercise to bring the values to life.

We trusted you to help us re-set and engage our global team. You did this in a fun and thoughtful way, connecting them to values, strategy, brand and our objectives without jargon. Our Group CEO in particular called you out as "superb, a real firecracker". The Woodreed team are fantastic!

Lee Elliston, Head of Claims, Aspen Insurance

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