Supercharge your workplace: unleashing Engage for Success’ Four Enablers

In our previous blog, we explored the importance of defining and curating culture for high-performing organisations. Now, we take it up a notch by showing how our culture-driven approach aligns with the insights of Engage for Success’ Four Enablers to truly supercharge your organisation’s success.

At Woodreed, we are proud to support and volunteer with Engage for Success (EFS), the UK’s leading voice on employee engagement. EFS, a not-for-profit social movement, shines a light on great practice, inspiring people and workplaces to thrive. As a member of the EFS Advisory Board, I champion the cause of employee engagement through speaking engagements and co-hosting the EFS radio show.

The groundbreaking ‘Engaging for Success’ report, commissioned by the UK government in 2009, introduced us to the Four Enablers of Employee Engagement, identified by Nita Clarke OBE and David MacLeod OBE.

These Enablers of Engagement serve as a lens through which we can view workplace culture and unlock its true power. Let’s see how we interpret them at Woodreed to help our clients create high-performing workplaces of engaged employees.

1. Powerhouse Leaders

Effective leadership is the cornerstone of a vibrant culture. At Woodreed, we understand the significance of visible and empowering leaders who can articulate a compelling strategic narrative. These leaders inspire, guide, and foster a shared vision that propels the organisation forward.


2. Engaging Managers

Say goodbye to uninspiring managers and hello to a new breed of leaders. At Woodreed, we emphasise the importance of engaging managers who treat employees as unique individuals. Through coaching, support, and fostering individual growth, these managers create an environment where employees feel valued and empowered.


3. Voice Amplifiers

We believe in the power of every employee’s voice. Woodreed encourages cultures that value diverse perspectives, open dialogue, and innovative thinking. By creating a safe space for ideas to flourish, organisations can tap into the collective brilliance of their employees and drive positive change.


4. Integrity Warriors

Authenticity and integrity are the building blocks of a strong culture. At Woodreed, we emphasise the importance of aligning values with actions. When values are reflected in everyday behaviours across all levels of the organisation, trust is fostered, and a culture of integrity is nurtured.


By aligning Woodreed’s culture-driven approach with Engage for Success’ Four Enablers, we can unleash the superpower of workplaces. As you embrace these enablers, you pave the way for engaged employees, high-performance teams, and a thriving organisation.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with us and create a culture to make your workplace work?

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