AI’s taken over new business. Make it stop already.

Ok so I get it. It’s our shiny new toy and we’re all keen to play with it and see what it can do. But please little robots, please stop cluttering my inbox with your nonsense. I seem to be on the receiving end of a deluge of seemingly never ending, super chatty prospecting emails and while amusing to share among my colleagues for a while has now actually become pretty tedious. Surely it’s not just me?

Poorly targeted for a start (but that’s a different topic), the bots are chatting away to me, cracking jokes, telling me what I must be thinking. Example – no, I was definitely not thinking

Wow, this person has been bothering me for weeks, what a tremendous heart! Is this person going to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro next?

What a ‘tremendous’ load of rubbish. Or enquiring how what school I went to ‘impacted my career trajectory’. Really??

There’s no doubt ChatGDP is already and will continue to redefine content creation. No Luddite, I think it’s great and I can already see the benefits if used properly. But we really must do ourselves justice and keep a level of authenticity – using our own or our organisation’s tone of voice, or a good edit to make sure it’s really saying what you want. If you’re going to clutter up my inbox then please make an effort to look as if you haven’t relegated your entire new business efforts to AI, at least not yet!

(Image Sketchpedia)

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