Tone of voice development and training – Jaguar Land Rover

Project Info

Client Jaguar Land Rover
Skills Tone of voice development and training

Project Description

Spinning Straw words into gold – How we helped Jaguar Land Rover better communicate with its global workforce

The brief:

80+ subject specialist authors writing communication for a global internal audience. A mix of styles, templates and varying levels of writing ability. Research suggested the comms were just not hitting the mark. Once identified as an issue JLR wanted a solution, and wanted it fast.

They asked Woodreed to create and implement a programme of comms support to unify the style, improve the standard and leave a legacy of improved writing across the department.

The solution:

A package of training, editing and writing coaching was developed to give the comms creators the support they needed. All up and running within six weeks.

Woodreed set to work defining an authentic, unifying voice for aftersales. The tone of voice was remembered by a simple mnemonic – SPEC and branding was created to further aid recognition. We developed simple practical guidelines for use, as well as an ‘explainer video’ to bring the tone of voice to life.

We then trained all comms creators with a series of workshops on both best practice comms as well as the new tone of voice.

Following the training, all 80 comms creators were given access to Woodreed’s team of editors. The editors were on hand to not only improve each piece of comms (in line with the new voice) but also to act as ‘virtual coaches’, providing development support with every returned piece.

The glue to hold the whole programme together was Woodreed’s own enterprise social network (which included an app version), named and branded ON SPEC and repurposed to meet JLR’s specific objectives. ON SPEC was the comms one stop shop portal for a wide range of L&D tools and content, a community hub as well as being the place to brief our editors with new work.

The results:

High levels of engagement

Demonstrable improvement in the quality of communications

JLR was so impressed with Woodreed’s approach they subsequently asked us to set up and run a new internal communications department for global aftersales. See case study for the full story.

Case Study Watch OnSPEC video