Muse – Vauxhall Motors UK

Project Info

Client Vauxhall
Skills Written communications training and Muse

Project Description

Minding your Ps and Qs – How Woodreed polished up Vauxhall’s internal and Retailer communications

The brief:

The UK MD, a stickler for well written English, wanted to make sure his people were representing the brand in the best possible way. This meant making sure all written communication was of the highest quality, be it for internal or Retailer audiences. 

He asked Woodreed to work with them to make it happen. 

The solution: 

Woodreed devised and delivered a series of online writing workshops with a real back to basics approach. The sessions worked though the nuts and bolts of good communication; from planning and structure to hints and tips. Practical and engaging, the objective was to improve everyone’s writing skill, whatever their start point. Each attendee worked on a brief which was individually reviewed and debriefed by one of our editors and received a guide to good writing to keep for handy reference.   

Following these sessions all attendees were given access to Muse – Woodreed’s unique service of writing, editing and coaching for communication. Content creators simply uploaded their tomes for super speedy editing by us. Within 24 hours they had back a freshly edited, engaging piece of communication to send on to their intended audiences. But, more than this, each piece was returned to them with ‘coaching notes’ telling the writer why the edit was made so writers could improve with every piece they submitted. 

We also ran one to one coaching for some who needed a more personalised approach. 

The results: 

A happy MD who could see the tangible difference in the quality of writing across Vauxhall.

“The guide for quality writing is great and it is already showing in the communications I have seen going round for approval recently.” Client Stakeholder