Muse is the best designed package of essential IC resources for an enterprise that I’ve seen – combining immediate services with tools that help the client become more self-sufficient over time. And the services are impressive.
Mike Klein

Businesses waste £400,000 every year due to poor internal communication*

Muse is on a mission to change that.

Muse is our powerful, new online service designed to solve the business challenges HR, engagement and internal communications professionals tell us they face.
Accessed online via PC, mobile or tablet, it’s a unique combination of three essential services.

1. An internal communications content editing, creation and coaching service

Our specialist writers will edit, or create from scratch, all your internal communication content. Written quickly, effectively, brilliantly, in your own corporate or brand tone of voice.

Each piece of edited content is returned within 48 hours along with coaching notes to help improve your team’s writing skills.

Whether you’ve a qualified team of specialists looking to raise high standards even higher or simply share the heavy workload, Muse delivers you quality internal communication that your employee audience will read and trust, day in, day out.

Our Muse clients are already seeing the benefits:

Now our people are trusting our HR comms, HR Director, PSA Peugeot Citroën

2. All the best industry thought leadership on culture, communication, leadership, change management, engagement and more

Our years as internal communication specialists, our role in Engage for Success, our networks and contacts allow us to bring you and your teams the latest thinking, research, training exercises, tools, ‘how to’ guides (e.g. how to write a strategic narrative, how to conduct an internal comms audit), plus case studies and opinions.

Muse has done the hard work for you bringing all the best bits in easy to read digests, at your fingertips.

MUSE NEWS – MUSE L&D contributes up to 10 hours CPD a year

Muse Learning & Development has been assessed by the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC), the UK’s only professional body specialising in internal communication, and has met their new standards for accreditation. Muse L&D can contribute up to 10 hours a year towards an individual’s IOIC CPD professional competence qualification adding even more value to your subscription.

3. A community hub of selected organisations from a range of sectors

Join your organisation with others to gain valuable insight and share expertise. Tap into our Muse community of like-minded professionals from top organisations, bringing with them a raft of knowledge and experience from other sectors.

Discuss key issues, share ideas, make contacts and seek recommendations (away from the glare of consultants and sales bods on LinkedIn). All organisations joining Muse are carefully selected, guaranteeing you’ll be in good company.

Improve internal communications, develop professional skills and raise engagement across your entire business. We’ve a range of Muse subscription packages and offers to meet your business needs whatever your organisation. 

We’re so confident that Muse will deliver tangible results and ROI that when you join we’ll give you access to a leading employee listening tool absolutely free to prove for yourself the difference Muse has made to your organisation.

To find out more and arrange a demo please get in touch.

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*For every 100 employees, Towers Watson