What gets in the way of brilliant internal comms at your place?

Last week we asked the internal comms community via Twitter what gets in the way of consistently brilliant internal comms at their place. We used our favourite employee pulse tool from our friends at waggl to do it.

Time was the biggest barrier, with a unanimous 86% agreeing that there’s never enough time to do it properly. Our favourite Mark Twain quote “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead” so relevant here. Internal comms bashed out, in boxes overflowing, delegated to the intern or left to finance to pen.

Time, or lack of, plays its part in our second most popular answer too. We know from previous studies that the IC community struggles to find the time to invest in their own professional development. Seems not much has changed, with 81% of our responses agreeing.

The reason for these seems to be explained in our third most popular barrier to brilliant internal comms. IC departments run a tight ship with 77% agreeing there are limited resources to invest in IC in general. Lack of training in IC skills also scored highly with 74%.

Muse from Woodreed is one way stretched IC and HR professionals can get the support they need to ease the heavy workload. It’s a unique bundle of services created to solve these challenges, saving time while raising standards across the industry. See here for more on Muse.

The pulse is now closed but you can still see what everyone had to say here



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