What’s the one thing your organisation could do to improve internal comms?

We’re on a mission to raise the standard and quality of internal comms, raising employee engagement levels as we go. Internal communication’s a hard job, often playing poor relation to marketing. The job’s just as important, with the links between high quality internal comms and employee engagement KPIs undisputed. Let us not forget that employee engagement directly impacts customer experience, loyalty, revenue and profit. It really matters!

We wanted to uncover what practitioners felt were the barriers to consistently brilliant IC (see here) and also ask what one thing could be done at their place to improve IC. We used waggl, the fabulous pulse tool from our favourite Californians (blush) to do the hard work for us.

Without further ado, here are the top ten responses, as suggested, then voted on by the IC community out there in the UK. Drum roll please…

  1. Try to be more strategic and proactive, not tactical and reactive
  2. Involve IC from the start. Don’t expect to be able to digest, understand and communicate complex projects at the 11th hour
  3. Take it seriously!
  4. Stop people writing and sending comms in isolation. Use the IC resources available. If we don’t know what’s happening, we can’t help
  5. Stop pushing out random disjointed comms and start thinking how IC can be better used to engage people with our strategy
  6. Centralise the employee newsletter
  7. Invest in new technology to make digital IC accessible for employees
  8. Make our comms more regular
  9. Give us more TIME
  10. Give us more resource

If you’re nodding along to any of these, maybe hop over here and take a look at Muse. It’s helping organisations big and small, blue chip to not for profit improve the quality and effectiveness of their intenal comms, day in day out.

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