Want employee input for planning 2017? Read on…

Employee voice is one of the four enablers of employee engagement. We’ve been using Waggl, an innovative employee pulse platform straight out of Silicon Valley to help our clients tap into their peoples’ voices. In a flash they’re able to get a real sense of what their organisation thinks and be seen to act on it straight away.

As Q4 is upon us and planning for 2017 is furiously underway, we’d like to offer clients old and new the chance to use Waggl for themselves.

Use it anyway you want; either by tapping into Waggl’s vast database of pre-loaded questions under three categories ‘Culture, Events, Change’ or by creating your own. You can ask as many (metric) closed questions as you want plus one open question. The platform will be branded with your logo and you’ll have 24 hours a day access to the all the results as they happen.

Woodreed will help craft the email that will accompany the link to your waggl pulse, and talk you through how to get the most out of it.

All this for just £500*

Call us on 01732 424341 or email jo@woodreed.com or charlotte@woodreed.com and we’ll have it up and running for you within the week.


*Includes branding with your logo, Woodreed’s writers crafting an email to launch one Waggl pulse for up to 500 participants. Offer valid to 31.12.16

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