Accentuate the positive….eliminate the negative

We recently asked the workforce of a client of ours who has admittedly been going through some tough times (really tough) in recent years “What 3 words spring to mind when describing the organisation?”

The words they came up with were overwhelmingly negative. No great surprise, we knew the workforce was likely to be in a fairly low place.

We also asked “What makes you proud to work here?” We then analysed the results in terms of what they said. Over 80% of the comments were positive in tone with just over 10% negative and the balance neutral.

Despite the negativity there was a hunger and a will to find something positive to say – and most people managed to do just that. It’s an interesting insight into the need we have to feel part of something which we can align ourselves to and be a proud of.

That’s where an organisation with the integrity to live the values grounded in their brand comes into play surely?

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