Out of the mouths of clients…

Here at Woodreed, we love and respect our clients, but sometimes we affectionately giggle when they assume the role of a Creative Director.

I have always made a habit of noting down some of more humorous comments clients have made when reviewing creative.

Here are just some of them:
“I could have done that logo on my PC!””

“Nothing like a bit of drop shadow”

“I don’t like green, it reminds me of my Auntie Hilda’s cardigan”

“I like it, but I’ll see what my wife says tonight, she likes interior design”

“Can you try it on two lines so it looks like a cat’s face (I love cats!)”

“Can you incorporate the Union Jack into it?”

“How would that work on a pair of gloves?”

“Can you tell me the typeface, then I can ‘ave a go at it?”

“It reminds me of a colon”

“I love it, but can you try it in a different typeface, a different colour, not use the roundel and try it in a square (and use caps)?”

“Do you know what, it looks like someone picking their nose!”

“is that a Letraset font?”

‘”I know it’s got to appeal to kids, but it is slightly infantile”

“I wish I could doodle”

“So, you’ve given me 12 ideas…is that it?”

“How would that work on the radio?”

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