Claim your FREE Culture Planner now – no strings!

When it comes to your company culture, have you ticked all the boxes?

If you’re responsible for people, engagement or internal comms you’re going to love this.

We’re giving you the chance to get your hands on some fantastic planning tools and resources for absolutely nothing. Essential for anyone serious about their company culture.

You get

  • A hard-bound copy of our culture planner. First published in 2014, now fully updated and packed with practical tips, ideas and resources, the planner includes a self-audit tool to see where your company culture is at
  • An employee feedback tool to show how your people’s thinking aligns with yours*
  • An hour’s consultation generating ideas and actions from your results

Sign up here for the whole kit and caboodle, free. (Usual price £399). Hurry as they’re flying out the office faster than you can say superculturefragilisticexpeditemycopy!

(We’re sure you don’t need us to spell it out, but this offer is only for you if you’ve responsibility for people, culture or comms inside your organisation – trade secrets and all that jazz)

* From our friends at Waggl for <100 people, one time use only

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