Why can’t we free ourselves from the shackles of corporate speak when we write?

Another meeting, another admittance from the client across the table that as soon as the fingers begin to tap on the keyboard, the cold, rational, corporate robot marches out stiffly in need of a good oil.

I wish I didn’t do it, I’m not sure why I do it. I’d like not to do it, the guilty party mused.

It’s a funny phenomenon. It’s like wearing corporate armour. If you don’t reveal any of your own personality, or indeed that of the organisation you’re representing then you’re safe from criticism. It’s a time thing too, or rather lack of it. Easier to write something cold and corporate and clichéd, relying on the stock phrases of the corporate dictionary to do the work for you, than pen something that has tone.

What’s the answer? It’s Muse.

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