Thanks to all our ‘Musers’

2017 was a great first year for Muse. We ‘mused’ (edited and created) hundreds of pieces of content and served up a banquet of cerebral food for thought in the L&D Lounge. Though the January diets may have begun in earnest, Musers can still feast upon our ever growing library of content. Content like:

Improving office productivity – time to call time on your 8-hour day.The 8-hour workday is outdated, ineffective and irrelevant to 21st century work according to the World Economic Forum.

How to handle criticism, the Steve Jobs way. Steve Jobs is so often cited as the master of presentation, creativity and entrepreneurship. But this clip shows how his skills extended far beyond that. Here he deals with criticism and a, not so veiled, insult dressed up as a question from the audience. Filmed way back in 1997 it demonstrates real leadership.

Our brains are amazing. Watch our fascinating three-minute film about neuroscience and the workplace.

Lessons from Siemens on internal communications. Do internal communications in a HUMAN way. The goal of their IC plan is simple: “To foster engagement while helping employees understand the company’s business objectives and how they fit into them.

Emotional intelligence, what’s it all about? We picked up this piece in Harvard Business Review by Daniel Goleman from Rutgers University in the US. How emotionally intelligent are you?

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve loads of new ideas for things we can add to keep helping our Musers improve the quality and effectiveness of their internal comms.

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