How to keep the cream of your crop while making your place an irresistible choice for talent

The Bank of England is predicting the UK is in for a recession that could last two years. Keeping your people engaged is even more pressing in times of economic uncertainty. As Woodreed’s MD, Jo Moffatt, said in a recent article for the Times:

Employee engagement doesn’t make up for poor business decisions or low levels of investment and it isn’t an alternative to paying people fairly

But she adds.

Firms with a commitment to genuine engagement will be in a better position to navigate difficult times ahead because they’ve established an enduring partnership with their employees

Your employer brand plays a central role in creating and sustaining this enduring partnership. Read our latest thinking for our take on the role of employer brand. We give you the compelling stats around the value of retention. We also share what you can do to make sure you keep the crème de la crème, while attracting the cream of the crop to come and work (and stay) at your place.

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