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2020 was an extraordinary year full of obstacles and challenges, both personal and professional. As challenging as it was there has been a silver lining for internal communications. And this silver lining is the dawning of a new age for our profession. Leadership teams have realised their organisations simply can’t grow, prosper or even survive without a knowledgeable, engaged and aware workforce. A challenge made all the greater by the new hybrid model.

Internal communication is central to all of this. There is consensus that IC has found its place at the top table. Earned its place (at last).

As the year unfolded, we adapted and learnt so much. We tried new things, weren’t afraid to get things wrong, took risks. Many comms leaders have told us that the new ways of working and communicating are, in fact better, and here to stay. As Alice Colorusso, Head of IC for the ITV told us:

“We overhauled everything overnight. Our CEO vodcasts (for example) catapulted up to 70% of the organisation watching them. We’ll never go back to how we used to do them.”

At Woodreed, as well as keeping up to speed with all the latest thinking that comes our way, our day job combined with our roles as speakers and chairs at the best industry conferences and events, gives us access to the best of our industry’s leaders and thinkers. We get the inside track on what they are thinking, doing and planning.

Read our latest thought paper where we’ve brought together their 2020 learnings and insights along with advice on what you, as IC, communication, HR and employee engagement professionals should be focusing on in 2021 and beyond. Click here to secure your copy.

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