Charlotte opens part two of this year’s unmissable Internal Comms conference

Charlotte Dahl was the host for the second day of the flagship Internal Communications conference in September this year.

To paraphrase Dickens, for Internal Communications, the pandemic was (and arguably still is) ‘perhaps the best of times, it was the worst of times’. We had to become master adapters, changing in response to seemingly endless challenges and shifts in priority. But despite everything in 2020 our profession has managed to become a shining light in the darkness as we delivered messages of hope, clarity and togetherness.

Her opener touched on Gallagher’s excellent ‘State of the Sector Report 2021’ which highlights four key trends for internal communication for 2021 and beyond; the Digital experience, EX, Change as new ‘new normal’, and Insight.

Click here to watch as she explains these in more detail then hear the opening remarks from speaker Den Carter, Head of Colleague Communications and Culture at BA, as he lets us in on what it’s really been like for BA during these turbulent times.

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