Change Programmes – 70% of change initiatives fail. Be part of the 30% that don’t.

“There are challenges ahead. It’s big, it’s exciting and we’ve all got our part to play. It’s all about us and we’re all involved. Let’s do it!”

A roomful of delegates leaves the meeting fired-up and motivated to meet the challenges head on. To do whatever it takes to drive change.

Fast forward one month and what’s changed? Nothing. It’s business as usual.

When the workshops are over and the flip charts are back in the storeroom how do you maintain the momentum? How can you ensure change or culture initiatives really engage employees, really change behaviour? How can you unite scattered, remote, non-PC based teams behind a shared objective? How can you generate and share innovation – fast? How do you ensure they fit with your values, matter to your people and have metrics to impress the CFO.

The solution is simple. It’s InternalDesk.

InternalDesk’s online platform supports culture change and behaviour programmes by leveraging insight and knowledge about what incentivises and motivates people to act. Answering the “what’s in it for me” question (WIIFM) by using proven recognition and ‘gamification’ techniques to incentivise the necessary behaviour for successful strategy implementation.

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