Spinning straw words into gold

There is a problem in internal communications, well a few actually. Multiple departments with multiple creators of employee communications inevitably mean pockets of quality but a whole bag of meh.  You leave your internal communication experts to write the big pieces –...
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The people power of transformations

What does it take for business transformations to succeed? A new survey by McKinsey suggests that companies are no better at transforming themselves now than they were 10 years ago.  Not great progress indeed, so what’s to blame? Most companies seem to...
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There’s irrefutable proof that effective internal communication positively impacts financial performance. So, why’s it still not good enough?

Clear, consistent well written internal communication delivered through the right channels increases employee engagement and in turn impacts financial performance. Merely communicating with employees does not ‘tick the box’ of engaging the workforce nor does it secure an organisation’s success. In times...
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