A true community will focus on helping members, not selling to them

Is LinkedIn really delivering on community these days? Woodreed’s been spying rumblings of disquiet recently. People harking back to the halcyon days of LinkedIn (whatever they were) where it was once a place less burdened by endless, oh so helpful, chirpy well-meaning consultants. A place where members focused on helping each other, not simply selling.

Reach out (bleugh) for some advice or recommendations and you’ll quickly find yourself inundated with thinly veiled attempts to flog you whatever wares Sally Smythe from Sunshine Research is selling that week.

We’ve been thinking about this of late at Woodreed. Clients we work with have often been at the same place for a while, or at least in the same sector a long time. They tell us it’s hard to find the time to network efficiently, keeping up to speed with new ideas, insights, trends, technology. Wouldn’t it be great, they say, to find a place where you can talk to other like-minded people? People with the same issues and challenges as you? A place where you can ask for advice, recommendations and get the value of the experience and knowledge of others?

We think we’ve found one…well, we’ve invented it actually. It’s called Muse and we think it’s going to change internal communications forever. Check it out here

Irony not lost on my own blog post with my own thinly veiled attempt to woo you with the wonders of Muse. But it’s Woodreed’s website, so there 🙂

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